Experfy Launches a Consulting Marketplace For Big Data Talent Shortage


Experfy Launches a Consulting Marketplace For Big Data Talent Shortage

Innovating at the Harvard Innovation lab, Experfy has announced recently that it would be launching paradigm-changing, online marketplace will allow industry leaders to solve their “big data” problems; Enterprises will now have a platform for on-demand hiring of approved veterans with algorithmic skills and domain knowledge. primarily for much shorter projects related to that of data, analytics, and business intelligence.

Consulting Data.

“What was missing from the big data consulting industry was a bidding platform like Experfy, that is driven by a fair and balanced approach, where both sides—clients and providers—are winners in the end. Whether a company has a short-term project need or is looking to augment its existing team, Experfy, with its fully-vetted experts, enables companies to hire on-demand, thereby giving them unparalleled value for their money,” said Sarabjot Kaur, Co-Founder, Experfy. “Our data experts have the ability to deploy advanced analytical skills coupled with deep domain knowledge to solve complex business problems. Whether it is minimizing risk, simplifying supply chains or identifying new channels of growth, Experfy will be the trusted intermediary for hiring data, analytics and business intelligence talent.”

Along with independent veterans, Experfy has also teamed up with smaller companies to provide a much reliable and cost-effective consulting for data, analytics and business intelligence projects. Experfy’s all ready set enterprise dashboard provides collaborative tools to manage agreements, team members, project milestones, time sheets, payments and expert ratings.

Harvard Innovation Lab very own Managing Director, Gordon Jones said, “Experfy is just one example of the many cutting-edge technology ventures that incubate at the Harvard Innovation Lab. It is exciting to see this team launching an innovative marketplace for experts with deep technical skills and insights to tackle complex business challenges put forward by companies eager to gain an information advantage.”


 Experfy has also managed to partner up with Project Starfish, an international business development group with a learning opportunity platform for skilled, unemployed blind individuals, to help lead a new generation of, data mining, market research and social media promotion.
Founder of Project Starfish, Subhashish Acharya, said “The business relationship with Harvard i-Lab start-up Experfy stands as a model of corporate social responsibility that should be adopted worldwide.”

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