Experiture Version 2.0 Has Finally Launched.


Experiture Version 2.0 Has Finally Launched.

Experiture today announced the release of version 2.0 of its comprehensive marketing platform. The updated offering includes a host of powerful new features, improved performance, and a fresh new design with enhanced usability. Notably, starting with version 2.0, Experiture is offering a range of extended capabilities and third-party integrations through its new Apps Marketplace, which provides users with an expanded, extensible marketing solutions ecosystem.

“Many of today’s marketers are frustrated with marketing platforms that do not keep pace with evolving marketing channels and changing consumer preferences,” says Tej Kohli, Experiture CEO. “With this release Experiture, we are determined to give marketers more choices with an affordable, powerful platform that meets the needs of today, yet is feature-rich and extensible enough to adapt to tomorrow.”

Kohli continues, “In addition, Experiture is the only company in its class with no outside investment, which allows us to continue to stay 100% customer-focused. We feel that the innovation in this release is an extension of our mission to proudly deliver outstanding service to all of our customers.”

The Experiture 2.0 platform’s core capabilities include: 

  •     Customer Experience Marketing that enables truly connected, cross-channel experiences
  •     Marketing Automation for deploying and optimizing automated marketing programs at scale
  •     Email Marketing with enterprise-class email creation and measurement tools
  •     Dynamic Personalization that delivers relevant targeted and individualized messaging across marketing programs

The release of Experiture 2.0 brings enhancements to the following features:

  • Manage Customer Data: With powerful customer data warehouse capabilities, Experiture serves as a marketing system of record so users can stop fighting with data and start using it the right way.
  • Integrate Existing Data, Apps & CRM Systems: Subscribers can now skip hefty, costly integrations and reduce the effort needed to connect other solutions and data. Users can also add functionality to the Experiture platform quickly and easily, with a growing number of solutions available in our new App Marketplace.
  • Design the Perfect Marketing Program: An improved drag-and-drop interface allows users to effortlessly create and automate complex, multi-channel marketing programs across web, email, mobile, social, direct mail and more with the wave of a mouse.
  • Precisely Targeted Marketing: Customer segment “views” can now be dynamically created using profile criteria, behaviors and more, and then included in various marketing programs in an automated way.
  • Understand your Customers: Customer engagement results are now presented in breathtaking detail with a 360-degree view of each customer, allowing users to gain a complete understanding of demographics, preferences and more.
  • User-friendly Platform: Experiture 2.0’s enhanced interface has greater functionality and is more visually appealing. Tab-enabled browsing allows users to quickly toggle between tasks and work more efficiently with several Experiture tabs and screens visible at any one time.
  • Mobile-optimized Marketing: The mobile channel can now be even more easily incorporated into marketing programs, with improved responsive templates, as well as newly-available inbound and outbound SMS messaging.

Experiture 2.0 is available as of aoday as a cloud-based SaaS product

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