ExploitHub Announces the New ExploitHub Metasploit Module.


ExploitHub Announces the New ExploitHub Metasploit Module.

Developed in conjunction with Rift Recon, the ExploitHub module gives Metasploit users a way to search the ExploitHub marketplace for exploits that are either user-driven searches, or match vulnerabilities found in a scan.

“Our new ExploitHub Metasploit module provides Metasploit users with an easy, seamless way to search the ExploitHub marketplace as needed for additional exploits, purchase them, and install them directly into Metasploit, all from within Metasploit itself,” summarized Dustin D. Trammell, CEO of ExploitHub.


Once a user identifies exploits to purchase, they can execute the purchase on the ExploitHub site from within the module. Then, the ExploitHub marketplace will deliver the purchased exploits directly to the user’s Metasploit Framework so that they’re rapidly available for use. Previously, Metasploit customers were required to manually search for, download, and install exploits.

“We’ve integrated ExploitHub into the Metasploit framework so that customers save time and don’t have to complete an entirely separate process,” remarked Rift Recon CEO Eric Michaud.

Adds Trammell, “We at ExploitHub believe that any additional supply channels, commercial or not, that provide more exploits for Metasploit users is a benefit to the Metasploit Framework and the overall Metasploit community.”

ExploitHub is a community-driven marketplace that connects penetration testers and security vendors with expert security researchers and developers to help corporations and other professional entities protect critical systems and data against criminals and network attacks.

Rift Recon is a premiere cyber and physical security agency comprised of researchers, former military and private security detail contractors, and computer and hardware hackers that equips its clients from a suite of exclusive services including specialized consulting, trainings, hardware tampering and forensics work, software development, assessment reports, tool creation and team outfitting.

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