Eyefi Connects Old Fashion Cameras to the Power of the Cloud.


Eyefi Connects Old Fashion Cameras to the Power of the Cloud.

One may thing with all of our recent technological advancement, most modern camera would coming with a built in Wi-Fi, unfortunately that not the case, especially wen it come to much more older models of cameras.

Although, Eyefi’s Mobi SD cards allow users to put Wi-Fi in any camera that contains and SD card slot, allowing users to get that perfect shot with camera; and send them directly to either a iOS or Android device for viewing, editing, and sharing on the go.


The company’s new Eyefi Cloud services has allowed this product to go even further by sync pictures across all of the users devices and computers as well as those of their friends and family.

Now the way the Eyefi’s Mobi card works, is by placing the card within a camera and installing the Eyefi Mobi iOS or Android application and wirelessly connet it to a device by typing in a unique SSID number that comes with the card, this only needs to be done once per device. User can not begin to take pictures and the Mobi card will automatically send the shots to the device.

Afterwards, the users can either edit and share just as they would with a photo that was taken with a smartphone or tablet. Also, users can set up a Eyefi Cloud account with just a simple name and email address required, and the mobile application will automatically sync their photos to it as well. Once synced, any device with the Mobi application or web browser can be used to view, share, and manage the pictures.

Web Services.

A new Web application allows users to view there photo, tag them, split or merge photos into their collection, create albums. Users can also download the full-resolution photos or simple receive a link for the one they wish to share privately.

If the user creates and album they wish to share, simple send an email with the link embedded directly from the browser interface, or simply generate a link for sharing. Albums can be quite dynamic as well, so if a users where to share one and continue to add more photos to it, the recipients will be notified of the new additions.

While the use is not necessary, those who do wish to use this services will have to pay a fee. The installation of the free Mobi application gets three months of Eyefi Cloud services when they activate the account. That goes for both future and current Mobi card owners. If they enjoy the service, then they can pay a fee of $49 for unlimited storage for 12 months.

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