Eyegroove Secures $1.25M and Launches Instant Music Video App.


Eyegroove Secures $1.25M and Launches Instant Music Video App.

San Francisco-based startup, Eyegroove has recently secured a total of $1.25M Angel round and has released its instant music video application for the iOS. The free Eyegroove application is quite simple, yet amazing, choose a piece of streaming music, record video, add instant interactive effects, and that causes for Groove to become created.

Fan Creation.

The Eyegroove application runs on the tide of rising fan create music. During 2013, the world expressed its pent up desire for fan music videos when a total of 40,000 people created the Harlem Shale video on YouTube, during two weeks, with the total currently topping 500,000. And, for the very first time during last, revenues generated from fan-created music videos exceed official music video revenue, as previously reported in the 2014 IFPI Digital Music Report.

Eyegroove’s investor well known within Silicon Valley, such name include Roger McNamee, founder partner of Elevation Capital and Silver Lake Capital; Matthew Papakipos, Senior Director of Mobile Engineering at Facebook; Joshua Schacther, Delicious founder, Aditya Agarwal, VP Engineering at Dropbox, Amarjit Gil, serial entrepreneur with Facebook, Google, and Apple acquisitions; Puneet Kumar, Director of ChromeOS at Google; David Kirk, Chief Scientist at NVIDIA, and other A-list angels.

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 Founder of Eyegroove, Scott Snibber, is best know for pioneering the “App Album” genre with bespoke interactive music applications including Bjork: Biophilia, the Beck-produced Philip Glass: REWORK_. And Apps with Metric, Passion Pit, and other bands.

 When asked why he turned in the direction of Eyegroove—a kind of Instagram for music video—Snibbe says, “We wanted to create a platform that lets hundreds of millions of people express themselves through music and video. There’s nothing more emotionally powerful than music; and when you combine music with video and effects, it transcends the amateur quality of raw phone videos to make everyone’s videos look and sound terrific.”

Snibbe believes music video may ultimately become the most popular form of social video: “Music video is the most popular content on YouTube, and it seems inevitable that user-generated music videos will become a wildly popular form of social content, now that we’ve given people a tool to create them instantly and effortlessly.”

Eyegroove is available for free in the iTunes App Store for iOS.

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