Facebook Acquires Mobile Data Plan Firm Pryte.


Facebook Acquires Mobile Data Plan Firm Pryte.

Facebook has recently acquired a startup in hopes of being able to change the way people around the world are accessing data from their smartphones.


A Helsinki-based startup, Pryte, announced during Tuesday that Facebook has manage to acquire its business for an undisclosed amount. The company stated that it was “delighted” over the acquisition, and that it plans to work along side with world’s largest social network to “bring people online if a profitable way.”

Pryte was initially founded during the previous year and hadn’t actually begun to launch its service across the globe, with high hopes of changing the way mobile users receive data to access their application. Rather than purchasing data in bulk, something that people in emerging countries tend to find cost-prohibitive, Pryte is working alongside with telecoms offer by app data pricing. This idea was to provide with enough data for the application user desire and nothing else. That would bring down the cost and ultimately connect more people to the Web and mobile application.


At first sight, Prtye’s might not seem to come off as too appealing for Facebook. Although, in a statement given to CNET, a Facebook spokesperson stated that the Pryte team would be “an exciting addition to Facebook.”

“[The Pryte team’s] deep industry experience working with mobile operators aligns closely with the initiatives we pursue with Internet.org, to partner with operators to bring affordable internet access to the next 5 billion people, in a profitable way,” the Facebook spokesperson continued.

The current terms for this recent agreement has not been disclosed, for the time being, by either Facebook or Pryte.

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