Facebook Integrates New Geatures to iPhone App Paper


Facebook Integrates New Geatures to iPhone App Paper

Facebook has decided to release their latest installment of its Paper application on Friday, throwing in some quite familiar aspects, like event reminds and photo comments, for members who cant’ absolutely live without these social networking mainstay in the separate application.


Paper is a two month old iPhone application released by Facebook, for reading the news, or rather “preparing for your day”, according to Michael Reckhow. The application is meant to be the archetype of the company’ new stand alone application strategy, one app for every need. from News Feed, messaging, Photo, etc. This has given people an entirely different perspective on the social networks stream of content people who use Paper tend to browse an average of 80 stories each day.

This updated release version 1.1, has introduced reminders for birthdays and events, updates that have been mashed in with a notification menu on the upper part of the screen and now just one press away. The main objective is to give early users more of what they desire, according to Reckhow.

“A lot of people have said that when they’re in Paper they want to make sure…that [birthday and event]information is at hand,” he said.

Also another large requirement that users have listed down are photo comments, so Paper now comes along with a camera button to upload photos in comments.

 “Photo comments are something we added to Facebook not too long ago and we found that it’s now something people can’t live without,” said Reckhow.


With Facebook’s unbundling strategy going at full throttle, Friday’s update seems to be a bit counter intuitive. Paper will no provide more of the standard Facebook application experience. These new features, all based on request, suggest that Paper uses have begun to treat this application like a Facebook replacement.

Reckhow did caution against arriving to that conclusion, saying that the updates we’re all designed to give people a load of information that’s essential to their every day lives. Paper is mean to be used by individuals with what they need to know before the leave there houses. It something most will want to check during the morning for news, sports, great photos, or the events placed on the deck.

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