Facebook Launches Connectivity Lab to Bring Internet Everywhere.


Facebook Launches Connectivity Lab to Bring Internet Everywhere.

Facebook seems to want to continue adding even more amazing news this week, with this recent announcement made on Thursday of them trying to bring the Internet to the rest of the world with a team that been called Facebook Connectivity Lab. 

The closely aligned Facebook Internet.org initiative, lab is currently building “drones, satellites, and lasers to deliver the Internet towards everyone.” Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook had written in a post published within his official Facebook account.

Affordable Internet.

The Connectivity Lav teams, has been given a mission in invented new technology that will provide affordable Internet access for all, which is currently an existing one that Facebook had deemed recently to talk about publicly. This unveiling concur with the social media sites decision to bring abroad five aerospace experts from UK company Ascenta.

“Our team has many of the world’s leading experts in aerospace and communications technology, including from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Ames Research Center,” Zuckerberg said. “Today we are also bringing on key members of the team from Ascenta, a small UK-based company whose founders created early versions of Zephyr, which became the world’s longest flying solar-powered unmanned aircraft. They will join our team working on connectivity aircraft.”

Around the World.

To be more specific, the Connectivity Lab team will be working on something that’s been called free-space optical communication (FSO), which utilizes light to transmit data through spaced with infrared laser beams. In certain suburban areas, Facebook will be using long-endurance aircraft to send reliable Internet connections, and in lower-density areas will be receiving the company’s testing low-Earth orbit Satellites to beam down Internet access towards the ground.

While this may sound quite futuristic, but given Zuckerbergs recent decision in acquiring a the virtual reality company known as Oculus VR for a whooping $2 billion but, one really shouldn’t bee that shocked by Facebook chief is turning to a far out science to bring fiction into reality.


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