Facebook Marketing Isn’t Dead. Here’s What You Can Do To Improve It.


Facebook Marketing Isn’t Dead. Here’s What You Can Do To Improve It.

Facebook was once a huge hit for us in terms of social media marketing. Facebook marketing use to be the best marketing strategy that you could invest in. Dump a couple bucks onto an ad account and within clicks you will see people converting or sharing with their friends. A couple years ago, everyone use to camp on Facebook. Everyone use to chat everyday on their Facebook, but now we have other instant messaging apps and texting apps we could use on Facebook. A lot of people claims that Facebook is filled with junk and there’s no point in checking it anymore. Others complain that all the updates over the years killed Facebook. So is Facebook Marketing dead? No it’s not, and it is still effective, you just have to be wiser with your decision and spend your money correctly.

Facebook Marketing

Maybe you have been in my position before. A while back I was setting up a Facebook page for my friends trucking company. He gave me a budget of around 350$, which initially I thought was ok. I fired up some ads, tweaked up the description, added a couple post, and relaxed back on coffee. Within 6 hours, I check back and I see a couple thousand impressions and only 7 likes. I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have been in this position before, and probably said to yourself that Facebook Marketing is dead. Again, it’s not dead, we just didn’t market correctly. Let’s look at how we could improve that.

Your Post Matters

The whole point of Facebook marketing is not just to build up a list of followers, but followers that are actually into your subject. They want to read more about your product, business, or startup and that is why they “like” your page. That is why you should have quality post up on Facebook before actually running your ad.

In addition to that, you should pin the one that has the most feedback to the top of your Facebook page. The reason for this is because, someone will visit your page and you want that person to see the most attractive post that you have. Just like when your browsing on Netflix, you might watch the first minute of a movie then hit the back button if it doesn’t attract you.

facebook marketing

How frequently you post matters as well. If you are a blogger, you should be posting everyone of your post onto Facebook. This allows people to deep link more when they “like” your post. In the end this will improve SEO and make your overall brand much stronger. The other reason to update frequently is so that people know that your page is active. One more reason would be because each time you make a post, it will appear on your fan’s newsfeed, so in a way it sends them a reminder that your startup or company is still around.

Picture And Content Matters

Facebook is designed so that when someone visits your page, they will notice your photos immediately. Ensure that you have a good attracting picture for each one of your post. I know, I know, Facebook has the automatic picture detector that detects for a picture within your url and posts it up as a default picture for the post. Honestly, those picture suck. Most of them are auto cropped by Facebook and just doesn’t attract viewers. Switch it up to something that is attracting that matches your company’s atmosphere. For example if it is a website about office jokes, then change it to something funny with an office atmosphere. Be direct and straight to the point:

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The title and content of the post is key. After the viewer glances on your post’s picture, they will look at the title. If the title is attracting, then you can be sure that you will receive some clicks. To boost the title, your short description for the post matters. Remember, it’s a short description, not a 300 word description. Think of the short description, link, and title as a gateway to draw more potential readers into your site that converts. The long description could be the link that you linked in the post.

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Location Matters

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, location is extremely important. Believe it or not, this is the part people mess up the most in Facebook Marketing. For example, I have a friend that runs a local boutique clothing store that sells online as well. He dumped 800 dollars into Facebook ads without setting the location. My friend does not ship internationally and usually never sells out of his state. Within 2 days, his page received over 2500 likes and for every posting he made, he had at least 40 likes. That sounds like awesome right? Because each time someone likes your photo it appears on their friends news feed.

facebook marketing

Wrong, terrible decision because when I looked into his analytics, 90% of his likes came from India, and the other 10% came from Malaysia.  None from USA and none from the state he was selling from. Facebook is tricky with location CPC. You can gain an enormous amounts of likes from India and you won’t have to spend much, but every like from United States or Canada cost you a lot more. So be very careful with the location you set. Make sure it relates to your business in some way.

Cover Photo And Links

Another huge mistake that people make in Facebook marketing is leaving their cover photo blank or not putting a link of their website to their short page description. Each time you run an ad on Facebook, it is suppose to show up on the right sidebar of your potential fan. What shows up in that little sidebar? Your cover photo and profile picture along with a title. If one of your fans glances over to the sidebar and only sees a brand name, they might never like it, but if it is descriptive enough or attractive enough they will convert.

Make sure that the cover photo is related to your company. So if your startup sells iphones, don’t put a monkey there because you think it looks cool or because it is your brand’s logo. The reason why big brands could post their logos as cover photos is because their brand is already known. For example everyone recognizes the Nike logo without seeing the Nike words or shoe pictures. Nobody is going to recognize your monkey logo if it’s not known. So build the audience first.

Lastly, a link to your website in the short description is one of the key things people need to do, but seem to always forget. I myself forget very often. Why is it important? Let’s say you created a killer short description that attracts attention right away. The last thing you want is for your viewer to be looking around for a link to your website. A link will convert customers a lot faster and more directly. Make sure the link is visible and easy. The best way to dominate any internet marketing is to make things simple to the point where people don’t have to think. Think about how Dropbox got famous, it was because it is so simple that people do not need to think. Great example from Buffer app’s short description on their Facebook page.

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