FaceBook Pimps Up Its News Feed With A Whole New Look.


FaceBook Pimps Up Its News Feed With A Whole New Look.

Facebook’s News Feed has finally gotten a minimalistic redesign. The announcement was originally made back in March of 2013, Facebook has said that it will begin integrating its new layout and design, but the appearance will definitely look far different from its previous touted look.

“People who tested it told us that they liked the bigger photos and images, but found it more difficult to navigate Facebook overall,” wrote Facebook on Thursday, explaining why the redesign was never rolled out to all users. Now, Facebook has unveiled a new look.

What Will Change. 

The desktop version of the site will be less cluttered then before, an effort made to look more like its mobile counterpart. The larger difference will be the photos, which will now fill the entire width of the News Feed.

The site will also have a new font and darker background featured. The left side of the column, users will notice its a lot less cluttered, with categories like “Browse” and “Photos” getting crossed. Time-stamps have been moved to the lower parts of the post right under the user or page name.

Facebook News Feed Redesign

What Will Stay The Same.

Nothing much else will change from the site besides what been mentioned. The algorithms that determine what will be seen on a users News Feed will not change. The mobile version will still look the same as before. Overall, not a huge overall, just enough to make it seem more nice and cleaner.

This current action will follow up on Facebook recent philosophy in paring down int social media site, into something that will be far more presentable to the masses, much like it has done with its new mobile application, Paper. Facebook users should expect to continue seeing more changes “in the coming weeks.”


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