Facebook Reaches For The Sky With Plans To Acquire Drones.


Facebook Reaches For The Sky With Plans To Acquire Drones.

Facebook seems to be in talks with acquiring another company after their recent stint with WhatsApp. A drone company by the name of Titan Aerospace has recently managed to gain their interest for an amount of $60 million according from TechCrunch. The New Mexico Based startup is into developing autonomous solor-powered aircraft that have the ability to stay in air for up to five years near orbital heights, leading towards an ideal thought for signaling internet access to remote  area.

Mike Zuckerbergs Ideals.

This of course has managed to catch the attention of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has stated before that he wishes to reach those of humankind, who are as of yet able to connect online. Of course Zuckerberg hasn’t been the only one who’s been trying to pull this off, A while back Google is currently testing a similar internet access program named Project Loon, which uses a network of weather balloons and are currently in the air over the South Pacific.

Behind The Titan Aircraft.

While Titans aircraft are still under development, they have high hopes in launching its first Solara 50 model sometime in 2014, The Solara 50 model can carry a payload of up to 70 pounds, and as a wingspan that is similar to a Boeing 787. A larger version dubbed the Solara 60 can carry even more up to 250 pounds. and will make its debut in 2015. Their Flight can go as far as between 60,000 and 70,000 feet, which places it well above commercial jet traffic. Connectivity can be provided with an up to 18 mile radius with only a single aircraft being aloft.

The acquirement of a drone fleet could lead towards Facebook having more leverage with mobile carries as they try to secure zero-rate deals in developing worlds. Thus allowing any person to use Facebook without the necessary use of their own data plan.


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