Facebook Reported to be Developing Snapchat Competitor Dubbed Slingshot.


Facebook Reported to be Developing Snapchat Competitor Dubbed Slingshot.

Seems that Facebooks is trying to have a row at it once again, against one of its many competitor, with its past failure in acquiring Snapchat, the social media site has reportedly decided to develop its very own video and picture messaging applications.


Mark Zuckerberg has been personally supervising the development behind the “ephemeral messaging” application that been dubbed Slingshot, according to a recent report done by the Financial Times. This application cloud be released sometime during this month, according to information found on the report.

News of the applications development appears only six months after Snapchat reportedly rejected Facebook’s acquisition offer of a total of $3 Billion, which was about three times what the social network had paid for the photo-sharing application Instagram back in 2012.


Having sent up to total of 400 million send it and forget it photo and video “snaps”, has rapidly gained a huge poplularity among teenagers, pulling them away from Facebook. The application has been estimated to be used by 9 percent of adult cell phone  own based within the US, according to research that been conducted by pew.

Facebook had also recently terminated their Snapchat clone named Poke from the App Store. Having launched back in 2012, Poke became an extension of Facebook’s “poke” button, a feature that was left over from Facebook’s starting college days.

Yahoo has also been reported to be showing an increasing interest wen it comes tot he secret messaging sector, acquiring an application that called Blink during the previous week, which allows its users to send texts, pictures, and audio that self terminates. Yahooo sut down the Android and iOS version of the application, folding the app’s 7 person team into the company’s
smart communication products,” stated Yahoo.

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