Facebook Resurrects Their F8 Developers Conference On April 30th.


Facebook Resurrects Their F8 Developers Conference On April 30th.

Recently the chief executive and Facebook product manager, Ilya Sukhad, has announced that Facebook will be bringing F8 back. The conference is for software developers to prod the creation of more and better mobile application for the giant social media network. This announcement was made during the SXSW on Saturday. F8 will be returning to its original roots on focusing technical content for mobile and web developers, not on any big announcement for Facebook users.

Helping Developers.

The conference will have a feature that includes hands-on workshops and technical session for over 1,500 developers to learn on how to create, grow and make profits from apps. F8 will be opened with morning keynote at first, following it will be sessions that include technically effective practices and advertising tips.

Facebook has previously hold more smaller events for developers as part of a renewed focus on developers. During the previous year it had brought them a highly respected startup that gave developers the tools and support in creation of apps on various platforms, for an amount of $67 million.

The acquirement of Parse had helped them ease any tension with developers as Facebook continued to dish out numbers for its own application that competed with those created by third-party developers. Applications have always been a highly important factor to Facebook due to its help in attracting new users and keeping current users engaged.

The Persuasion.

Facebook has continuously persuaded developer on building their application for Facebook to increase their chance in gaining popularity, besides the use of relying on Google Android and Apple’s iOS stores.

In a blog post, Sukhar said: “App development is happening at such a crazy pace these days. Almost every day I find a new app that is solving problems or providing entertainment in a really creative way. My favorite app of the moment is Threes. I can’t stop playing it.  But building a hit app and finding people who will love it is really hard. Turning that app into a money making venture is even harder. Helping developers solve these problem is why we’re doing an F8.”


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