Facebook Reveals It’s New Ikea-styled Data Center In Sweden.


Facebook Reveals It’s New Ikea-styled Data Center In Sweden.

It was hinted back during a keynote in January during the Open Compute Summit, Facebook would be building a data center using a new technique that would be reminiscent to that of that of a Ikea furniture. The company would use these new “rapid deployment data center” techniques during its creation for the second data center in Lulea, Sweden, and shall share these insight during the Open Compute Project.

The First Step.

Facebook will be employing the first method called the “chassis approach”, which is somewhat similar to that of an automobile assembly line. the chassis will be built independently and then built upon from there. Facebook’s chassis is a 12-foot by 40-foot unit that will be sat upon rows of rack and house lighting, cable trays and everything else that would be expected to go above the row of servers. Marco Magarelli, Facebook data center engineer, has written in his blog detailing the new methods the company will be employing to on the chassis over standard containers “to avoid shipping the empty space that will eventually be occupied by the racks”.

How a chassis is built and delivered. Source: Facebook

The Second Method.

The second method was interestingly enough inspired by the experience of building and assembly required furniture like those of Ikea or Target, which has been called the “flat pack approach”. Facebook will have pre-packaged wall and ceiling panels, metal beams, and all other sorts of materials that will support the creation of the infrastructure are being shipped in creates that will be easily transported to the data center through a standard flatbed trailer and built in place. Once everything is set, the cooling gear, chassis and everything else will be sits directly above the servers shall be carried on.

Sample instructions for putting together the pieces in the flat pack. Source: Facebook

This new construction technique will hopefully help Facebook reduce the need of mass amount of resources with the creation of specialized design, as they continue to build more data centers. Local construction crews should be able to follow the standard instruction and deliver the same result with the aspects being repeatable, allowing them to match their peers in other locations.



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