Facebook Rollsout Foursquare-Esque Feature To Connect Friends.


Facebook Rollsout Foursquare-Esque Feature To Connect Friends.

Facebook has been recently reported to be testing out some new features through its iOS application.

According to information provided by variety of sources, a small percentage of mobile Facebook users will soon be seeing a contextual recommendations after they’ve checked in or posted updates on the social network. This trail will be limited and hopes to serve relevant information about locations and events to users. This recent new feature has a large similarity between Google Now cards and even copies some check in functionality founded within the Foursquare social location application.


This feature specifically utilizes a color coded system for buttons, icons, and borders. Locations are red, birthdays are blue, and photos are in yellow. When users check in at a local cafe, for example, Facebook will them a red-themed card packed with information such as friends who have previously visited to that certain cafe as well as a photo of the user with those friends. Eventually, Facebook could eve turned this into a potential related ads work into the cards.

Facebook hasn’t unveiled the entirety of this feature or even whether its planning to launch off cards to a much bigger group of users, though a Facebook spokesperson has claimed the pilot feature will”help you discover information about where you are or what to do next, or inspire conversations with your friends around you.”

Facebook is clearly stepping up their strategy when it comes down to applications. During the previous wee, the social media site had terminated both its Poke and Camera applications from the App Store, and during February, it published a news reading app by the name of Paper. And its now messing around some grand changes to the main Facebook for iOS application.


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