Facebook Rumored To Make A Grand Debut On Mobile Ad Network.


Facebook Rumored To Make A Grand Debut On Mobile Ad Network.

Facebook seems to be making a huge step when it comes to its mobile ad gameplay.

The social media site will soon join the same group as Google and Apple with its recent upcoming launch of mobile advertising network that leverages its database of user information to deliver a better aimed advertisement, according to information gathered by a Recode report. The social network will reportedly reveal the new network during its F8 developer conference, which is happening sometimes later this month within San Francisco


Facebook has been contacted for a comment or even additional information, but its really no surprise that Facebook heavily relies on mobile advertising. During its fourth-quarter 2013 earning report during January. which are the only recent available results, the social media giant’s mobile advertising revenue showed to be around $1.25 billion, more than half the company’s total advertising revenue.

The new ad network would allow Facebook to generate revenue from its user when when they aren’t using any of Facebooks properties, such as in application ads. This recent move will cause a direct challenge to Google’s AdMob and Apple’s iAD mobile advertising platforms.


World mobile ad sales have totaled up to $17.9 billion as of last year, an increase of 105 percent over the last year, according to research released by eMarketer. the market has expected to further expand up to another 75 percent during this year up to $31.45 billion. Facebook has made a single minded effort to take hold of more dollars from the mobile market. And that effort seems to be working effectively, according to eMarketer.

While Google still continues to own a large amount, grabbing 49.3 percent of mobile ad revenue during last year, Facebook nabbed up to 17.5 percent, a significant jump from the 5.4 percent commanded during 2012.

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