Facebook Is Searching For Ways To Integrate Anonymity Features.


Facebook Is Searching For Ways To Integrate Anonymity Features.

Facebook has recently been reported to be in the market for a way to integrate anonymity features with the recent increasing popularity of anonymous sharing applications such as Whisper, Secret, and Yik Yak.

Facebook, Whisper, Secret and others similar apps, have taken in interested on the kind of conversation individuals tent to have, when they feel more liberated to engaged in when they no longer have to worry about their identity being known by others or judged by actions they normally would be criticized upon.

Rumors Abound.

A recent report done by Recode, had suggested that Facebook may have taken in interest in exploring the anonymity feature, and has been having meetings with Secret, One of the huge successors within the anonymous sharing market. According to sources, however, the rumors of a potential acquisition are off the mark, and both Secret or its top competitor whisper, have spoken an single world on whether they would be willing to sell.

It has also been speculated that Facebook may create certain applications that do not require users to attach their existing profiles, and can be accessed without the necessary need in using real names. If this recent news are to be believed, then rising popularity in applications like Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak could possibly be the influence behind Facebooks suddenly new approach.

Growing Interest.

The increasing popularity of application like Snapchat and WhatsApp are proof that the always logged in functions, and the public nature of conversation on Facebook is not ideal for direct conversations. Twitter has also added their own VM, private messages to vine, which leads back towards the original discussion for anonymity, one on one communication.

Plenty of people tend to maintain groups for friends, and a separate group for their family members on their applications like WhatsApp, so friends can only see certain message and pictures sent, while family members only receive updates on the users current whereabouts.

All of this can also be done on Facebook as well, but the process to do so can be far too troublesome to even consider trying. The ease in which people limit their access to certain contents, utilizing all these other platforms, is something that Faceebook will have to compete against. Whether the social networking giant can learn to evolve and adapt without losing its own brand of uniqueness remains to be seen.

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