Facebook Will Being Forcing Users To Install Its Messenger App.


Facebook Will Being Forcing Users To Install Its Messenger App.

Facebook is so strong intent on the usage of its Messenger application that it has set plan in motion to terminate the chatting feature of its main Facebook application, keep the messages button intact but automatically transferring user to the Messenger when its clicked on.

Forceful Notice.

The company being notifying a selected amount of European users on its Facebook application with a deadline of two weeks, messaging would become disabled and people will need to download Messenger if they have not done so already. The Company confirmed this is not a test and will soon begin launching this new term globally.

Android phones will filled with low memory will be excused, as well as Windows Phone and tablet users for the time being. Facebook Paper, the company’s new news-focused redesign, will also still have its in-app messaging.

While this may be a bit pushy for users to go from one app to another, Facebook has already gone to great disntaces to driver the usage of its sophisticated mobile application. Even now, if users have Messenger installed on iOS, Facebook main application will transfer them over to it when they wish to chat with friends, The only difference with the upcoming change is that users will be forced to download Messenger.


The process of changing from one application to the other, while not something most people would like to waste their time on, is pretty much smooth and quickly. For iOS, the Messenger interface has included a blue banner that, when clicked upon, switches the user back to the main Facebook application. This is not the case for Android though, nor does Facebook’s main application force its users to open up Messenger even when they have it installed. It quite unclear for the time being whether or not Facebook’s Messenger changes will be the same between the two operating systems.

One little interesting tidbit to point out is that Chat heads works for all SMS and Facebook chatting on Android smartphones even on a users home screen and within other application. the feature was only able to function within the main Facebook application because of Apple’s mobile restrictions upon its operating system. As of now, Messenger will be placed as the main chatting client, Chat heads for iOS will being to disappear completely

“With this change Chat heads won’t be part of the Facebook iOS app,” a Facebook spokesperson confirmed

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