Facebook Will Now Have Access To Some Moves App User Data.


Facebook Will Now Have Access To Some Moves App User Data.

A fitness application acquired by Facebook a few weeks back, named Moves, has recently posted a new policy update stating that it will need to share some of its data with affiliates, including Facebook. The new policy is somewhat contrast to that of its older version, stating that the application will continue as a stand alone feature.


Facebook has recently acquired the application at the end of April, and immediately blog post moves stated,”The Moves experience will continue to operate as a standalone app,” further elaborating that there were no other plans to change that or mix its data with Facebook.

During Monday, Moves updated its policy silently, stated that some information is necessary to be shared, including personally identifying information, with affiliates that ” are part of our corporate groups of companies, including but not limited to Facebook”to help provide, understand, and improve our services.”

One the new update policy from Moves update had happened, a spokesperson from Facebook had reach out to Mashable in order to clear up on how the data sharing would work, stating:

“Commingling, or merging, data would allow us to identify Moves users who are also Facebook users – we have no plans to do that.” In other words, the social networking company said it doesn’t plan to link Moves user data to their respective Facebook Inc  accounts but that it will provide services to the Moves app, and for that it require access to the data that Moves “collects from its users – which is ‘sharing’ data.”


Movies had previously taken actions similar to what WhatsApp took after its $19 billion acquisition by Facebook during February. The only chat application convinced its users that their data will not be passed on towards Facebook, which is an greedy data hoarder. Although, recently Facebook has began a New Nearby Friends feature through which it can collect data from users, showing which of their friends are currently within the area.

Facebook has had quite a busy year with all of its acquisition of startups and launching new features. After its surprising acquisition of WhatsApp, the company launches over its own news reader application called Paper, Furthermore, the company said that Messenger, its standalone application, will have greater importance in the future, once Facebook acts on its plan to eliminate messaging from its main iOS and Android apps.

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