Facebook’s San Francisco HQ Cleared After A Falsified Threat.


Facebook’s San Francisco HQ Cleared After A Falsified Threat.

The social media giant known as Facebook had recently had its headquarters temporarily evacuated by hordes of officers on Tuesday evening after a supposed threat against the company had been called to authorities, Menlo Park police commented that the threat was quickly cleared.

Menlo Park police Cmdr. Dave Bertini, said the threat originally came from a call to the San Francisco Police Department sometime around 7 p.m..

The department transferred the call to the Menlo Park officers, who immedaitly moved in on to the campus and shut off the entrance with tape. Employees where told to stay put while the policed searched the are for any proof of the called in thread.

“At this point, we’re not even sure the call was meant to be for the Menlo Park campus,” Bertini said.

A Big Hoax.

The search throughout the campus found absolutely nothing for the officer and Facebook had decided to shuttle its employees home. Bertini added that he could not comment whether this was a real threat, only that it has so far been proven to be “non-credible.”
Since the companies founding in 2004, it has had over more than 6,000 employees and thousands of those workers report to the main campus at 1601 Willow Avenue, which addresses has been renamed as the “1 Hacker Way” after the company took over the previous Sun Microsystems campus.

Sometime during the previous week, Menlo Park’s city council had voted last week if it would allow the company to pay an amount of $200,000 a year for the city to fund a full-time police officer to be stationed near the new campus.

FILE - This May 11, 2012 file photo shows the Facebook campus in Menlo Park, Calif. Police flooded Facebook's headquarters Tuesday March 11, 2014 in Northern California to investigate a threat they later found wasn't credible. Photo: Jeff Chiu, AP / AP


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