The False Alarm On Satoshi Nakamoto’s Discovery.


The False Alarm On Satoshi Nakamoto’s Discovery.

Recently Newsweek Magazine had apparently managed to identify a 64-year-old physicist as Bitcoin’s creator, leading towards the poor old fella to be chased by reporters through the Los Angeles night and denying any role in the creation of the digital currency.

The Mystery Of Dorian S. Nakamoto.

After Newsweek had published his profile which named him as Dorain S. Nakamoto, the former defense industry and government employee emerged from his home in the Temple City Neighborhood and spoke to journalist telling them “I’m not involved in Bitcoin.”  The press later on followed him in a car chase as he fled from the Associated Press Bureau. Apparently the AP had been told that he only heard of Bitcoin recently from his own son during the previous month, during a two-hour interview.

The Grand Search.

Every single Journalist, blogger and others have been searching high and low to identify the illusive computer coder who was behind the paper of Bitcoin’s framework and creation of the software that serves its backbone. The document has the name Satoshi Nakamoto printed on it and since the author has decided to remain anonymous, most people have assumed that its simply a pseudonym.

All kinds of publications have tried to make an attempt in solving this mystery by examining every possible person who has dealt with Bitcoins in anyway, from the founders themselves to even former cryptography students, former programmers and economists.

The Dorain Information.

The Nakamoto who was supposedly the creator of Bitcoin, was previously named Satoshi and adopted the name Dorian back in 1973, which was covered during Newsweeks story. Born in Japan, he attended the California State Polytechnic University, later on leading towards him working on defense contracts on classified military projects and followed by his work in the Federal Aviation Administration.


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