Famatic, The Tech That keeps Family Active in Their Loved Ones’ Daily Lives.


Famatic, The Tech That keeps Family Active in Their Loved Ones’ Daily Lives.

Famatic is the world’s first inter-generational digital phot and video frame for gran parents and older parents. It’s a social photo frame that makes it simple to instantly enjoy the photos and videos that family and friends place online. Recipients will be able to comment directly in the frame, without having to log in to Facebook or instagram, Famatic is currently taking preoders on Kickstarter.

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Plenty of people utlizing their smartphones to share photos and videos on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. But some people, especially those much older ones, find social media to be complicated and confusing. As a result, they have missed out on some important moment, such as a grandchild’s first steps or high-school graduation or only hear about them after the event passed.

The idea for Famatic emerged from personal experience. “I really wanted my mother-in-law, who isn’t active on social media, to be able to take part in my children’s special moments,” says Famatic Co-Founder Thijs Suijten. “Thanks to Famatic, she’s now one of the first to enjoy these moments, and she’s able to see new videos and photos as soon as we take them.”

Due to the device being remotely controlled by family members, its very easy to use. A pleasing sound announces the arrival of new photos and videos. The photo frame can detached from its docking station, turning Famatic into a digital photo album people can take with them where they go. With these possibilities, they can always share the latest pictures of their grandkids with other family and friends.

“We started by researching the ways people were already trying to solve this problem,” Suijten says. “What we kept hearing from young parents was that they had tried all kinds of different solutions. They gave their parents an iPad, or shared photos through Dropbox or e-mail, or tried to get their parents to use Facebook. But none of these options turned out to work. They needed something simpler.”


Photos and videos can sent to the frame that available on Famatic website, the mobile application, or a dedicated e-mai address. Users will also have the capability of connecting Famatic to Facebook or Instagram to share items automatically. Personal settings enable each user to customize which photes are shared with the Frame.

Famatic needs to secure a total amount of $75,000 from backers on Kickstarter in order to begin manufacturing their first batch of Famatics and to make this idea a reality. For early backs a limited number of Famatic cam be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter project page for a total amount of $169 including shipping.

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