Feature-Filled New Photo & Video Editing App SuperPlayPost.


Feature-Filled New Photo & Video Editing App SuperPlayPost.

iOS users looking for a remarkably versatile, yet refreshingly easy-to-use photo and video editing solution can now head to the App Store and download the one-of-a-kind new app SuperPlayPost from developer Bich Tran.


Loaded with an array of sophisticated features typically found in professional-grade editing tools that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, SuperPlayPost gives users the power to create brilliantly customized video collages, which they can then easily upload to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter email, MMS and other social networks.

In addition to lossless image output, full 1080p HD resolution and an easy, intuitive “drag & drop” interface that anyone can master in a matter of seconds, SuperPlayPost also gives users the power to add up to 6 customized videos per project, and apply 60 adjustable frames, 400 background patterns and images, 36 image filters, and 64 video filters.

Plus, users can add animated text and logos, and enhance their videos by adding an unlimited number of photo, audio and music selections – including tracks from their iPod, iPhone or iPad library.

Other SuperPlayPost special features include:

> Full 30 fps
> Unlimited video length and loop capabilities
> Slow and fast-motion toggling
> A built-in output video list manager
> 10 different ratio sizes designed and optimized for various screen sizes and device capabilities in both portrait and landscape mode: 5802×3264; 2592×2592; 2048×2048; 1920×1080; 1706×1280; 1440×1440; 1280×720; 960×960; 640×960; 720×960
> Support for unlimited (any angle) rotation of images or videos inside each frame
> Full timeline control to show/hide text or logo, play/end video or music, and trim video segments or songs
> Easy and fast video, audio and photo importing and sharing

And just as importantly and impressively, unlike other apps that can take up to an hour to apply changes to 6 x 10 minute videos, SuperPlayPost lets users edit their brilliant, customized video collages with zero waiting time. Furthermore, SuperPlayPost app has an extremely small footprint, compared to other apps that need up to 3GB of available space to import 6 x 10 minute videos.

“Our goal with SuperPlayPost is to re-invent how users create, edit and share video collages,” commented Tony Long. “With so many powerful features and an extremely easy-to-use interface, the app is ideal for personal users who want to connect with friends, emerging artists and performers who want to reach a global audience of fans, and businesses looking to showcase their products and services to an impressed target market.”

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