Filta Environmental Salutes the NBA For Being The Greenest Finals Ever.


Filta Environmental Salutes the NBA For Being The Greenest Finals Ever.

A company that’s well known for providing sustainability solutions in sport venues across the country, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, has applauded the NBA, AT&T Center, and American Airlines Arena for their sustainability efforts. The 2014 NBA Finals are right on track to being some of the greenest ever.


Filta, best known as the company that invented Mobile Fryer and Cooking Oil Management knows something about professional sports and the environment managing cooking oil in the kitchens, restaurants and concessions stands in of over 100 stadiums and arenas around the country. Two of those venues, the AT&T Center (home of the San Antonio Spurs) and the American Airlines Arena (home of the Miami Heat) are valued clients. A key part of their comprehensive sustainability effort is the use of Filta’s micro-filtration service which significantly reduces the use of cooking oil then recycles the waste vegetable oil into Biodieselat the end of its useful life.

This commitment to stewardship of environmental resources starts at the top. “Through the NBA Green initiative, the league and its teams are taking steps to become a more environmentally responsible organization”, said NBA Commissioner David Stern.

Through NBA Green, the NBA has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council and Green Sports Alliance to generate awareness and funds for protecting the environment.


NBA teams and venues have committed to greening efforts that have helped improve the efficiency of NBA arenas, reduce waste, save money and strengthen teams’ relationships with their communities. During 2009 the American Airlines Arena was one of the first of six NBA team arenas that have received LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Both the American Airlines Arena and the Miami Heat are members of the Green Sports Alliance.

Another member of the Green Sports Alliance, the AT&T Center is one of five NBA team arenas that installed solar panels to reduce their annual energy costs. A reduction in cost is a primary reason the AT&T Center chooses to micro-filter their cooking oil; saving in cost of goods, labor, and liability.

“While the entire NBA has improved stewardship of the environmental movement – certain teams and arenas stand out,” said Rob Totten, Filta Sustainability Director. “We applaud the efforts of the NBA, Spurs, Heat, and arenas of the 2014 NBA Finals. Since both AT&T Center and American Airlines Arena are clients predicting a win is difficult. However, a certain winner is the environment we all fight to preserve.

Heat vs Spurs in 2014 Finals

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