List Of People That Switched From Finance To Tech


People That Switched From Finance To Tech

Technology jobs and firms have been growing massively these recent years. Many people are making the switch from Finance To Tech. The finance sector use to be known for making big money with big bonus and great exit routes. Now there are more and more finance professionals being laid off or taking a huge cut out of their paycheck. Tech, on the other hand, is looking quite promising and there are more and more jobs being offered everyday. Check out this list of people that switched from finance to tech.

Marc Pincus

Marc Pincus is part of the co-founding team of Zynga and also founder of  Freeloader, Inc., Tribe Networks, and, all of which are tech startups. Pincus graduated from Harvard Business School and went on to work for a private equity firm doing stock analyst.  Pincus worked in venture capital and financial services for six years. Pincus spent two years as a financial analyst for Lazard Freres & Co. after graduating from Wharton. After that time, he moved to Hong Kong, where he served as a Vice President for Asian Capital Partners for two years.

Not long after his finance career, Marc Pincus started his own startup which was acquired for 38 million. He has stayed in the tech field and also started a few more startups after his switch from finance to tech.




Andy Dunn

Andy Dunn founded the men’s fashion ecommerce startup site Bonobos Inc. and Maide golf. Dunn grew up in Chicago. He graduated from Northwestern University in 2000 with a bachelors degree in economics and history and earned his M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2007. After Andy graduated, he worked for one of the big management consulting firm. Shortly after his career in consulting, he made the switch to a private equity firm working with investments. Finally in 2007, he made the switch from finance to tech. Started in 2007 by Stanford Business School graduates Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly, Bonobos was founded with the goal to provide men with better-fitting clothes. The company launched with khakis that eliminate “Khaki Diaper Butt”.

Andy Dunn took position as co founder in the tech/finance industry by cofounding angel investment firm Red Swan Ventures.




Mario Schlosser

Mario Schlosser is the founder of Social gaming start-up Vostu, the fourth largest social-game developer in the world. Vostu might not be as popular in the silicon valley or in the USA, but it is played daily by more than half of the Brazilian population. The startup itself has raised over 46 million dollar in venture capital to date. Mario Schlosser was a former BridgeWater Associate that led Vostu to it’s initial funding rounds.




Alexa Von Tobel

Alexa is the founder of the upcoming financial startup Learnvest, where she teaches women about financial tools. Learnvest was a startup idea that sparked up during her time at Harvard. Alexa felt that most people didn’t know how to manage their finance, so she decided to start Learnvest and provide tutorials for other women to learn about finance. After her graduation from Harvard, she went on to work as a trader for Morgan Stanley, and then made the switch from finance to tech. Alexa first started working in the tech field as a Business Development Manager and eventually went to work on Learnvest full time.

alexa von tobel startup



Georgia Anderson

Alexa isn’t the only women that made a switch from finance to tech. Georgia Anderson, founder of social network ,Georgia Anderson Financial News Network (GAFNN), was a future and forex broker on Wall Street. Georgia Anderson is also an active author and has been featured on several Playboy magazine covers. Georgia felt that the society lacked a social place where traders and stock brokers can get together and chat. She left Wall Street so that she could be a full time author and focus full time on her online ventures.





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