Find Startup Talents In Hong Kong With The New Startbase.Hk


Find Startup Talents In Hong Kong With The New Startbase.Hk

In the Silicon Valley, there are startup talents all over the place and yet startup recruits still have a hard time searching for talents. The same problem is occurring in Hong Kong’s startup scene. Hong Kong’s startup scene have been on a rise for the last couple of years with top startups like 9gag breaking into the scene. There are a lot of computer science and business graduates coming out of the universities of Hong Kong each year, but most of them end up working at an establish tech company.

StartBase.HK is a website dedicated to startups that are searching for talent. StartupsHK teamed up with, a global job search engine company, to create Startbase.HK with the goal of helping students find jobs and helping startups recruit top upcoming talents.

StartBase.HK isn’t a fancy site or anything. As of now Startbase.HK have a lot of top tech companies seeking for recruitment on the site. These companies include Amazon, VMware, Apple and a few other tech giants. The companies did not post on there themselves, instead it is aggregated by the Startbase.HK and system.

8 out of 10 startups agree that even though talent is everywhere in Hong Kong, it has been extremely difficult for them to find the exact ones they need. Traditionally, Chinese parents always teach their kids to do good in school and then find a good and stable position at a big company. Then have kids, watch the kids grow and live a good and happy life. That is why there isn’t a lot of tech startups in Hong Kong since most people believe the money was at big companies, real estate, or finance.

The startup scene in Hong Kong have been improving over the years, but still has a long way to go. More and more investors are seeking to fund startups in Hong kong and these startup need talent. Startbase.HK is doing a good job providing assistance to the startup community, but startups will still need to work extremely hard to find the talents they want. The reason is because the bigger companies are offering stability, mentorship, a large salary, promotions, bonus, and a lot more than a regular startup can provide for them.

Most of the jobs that are listed on Startbase.HK are related to software development. You can check out the website and their job listings here:


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