FireFox 29 Updates Comes With A Whole New Look.


FireFox 29 Updates Comes With A Whole New Look.

Mozilla has recently release one of the most important Firefox updates in the browser’s history by revamping its design and including a new customization options. Some of the browser’s feature have also been improved, enabling Firefox to better compete against rival browsers such as Chrome, which have a much larger market share.

FireFox 29, the browser update has become available across a variety of platforms during Tuesday. Mac and PC users should already be able to download the update while the Android version is slowly being rolled out onto the Google Play store.

Since Firefox has continued to push the limit in terms of privacy protection, many user have regarded it as a great alternative form browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer. Before recently, cumbersome inter-connectivity features had limited Firefox’s growth in potential, but Firefox 29 had changed all of that.

Fresh Look.

Revamping the browsing experience seems to be Mozilla’s main goal with its latest Firefox update. In a number of ways, it is now more comparable to Chrome then its previous versions of Firefox. A streamlined interface makes it much easier to use and customization option are abundant within the browser.

Tab are more rounded now an will fade into the background when idle, making it much easier to focus upon the content that is currently open. One of most significant changes can be located within FireFoxe’s menu.

Mozilla elaborated on their blog that the menu has been changed around and adjusted so that users can access add-ons, features, and services with fewer clicks.

“The menu includes a ‘Customize’ tool that transforms Firefox into a powerful customization mode where you can add or move any feature, service or add-on. This level of Firefox customization puts you in control of your Web experience and is unmatched by any other browser,” Mozilla said.


Not every single improvement can be found on Firefox 29 can be based solely around the browser’s design. Some features, such as the Firefox Sync, have been improved in a way that shall allow people to utilize the browser on a different device in a similar fashion to that of Chrome.

It was previously possible to use Sync to have a browsing history and bookmark for the mobile devices, but the setup was not so simple. User would have to input three different codes for each of their devices in order to sync them together. Now user will be able to log in with a FireFox Account and have access to the same cross-platform data

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