First Contact Launches It’s Prototype Wearable Device.


First Contact Launches It’s Prototype Wearable Device.

A wearable tech startup that’s based within Kiev, Ukraine, named First Contact has recently launched their prototype wearable device called Contacter, revealed in the form of a touchscreen watch. Contract will begin its funding through the crowdsoucing site known as Indiegogo, during the beginning of April 10.

Social Networking.

The device will become the first social network that allows point-to-point, peer-to-peer truly secure communications between users. Contacter is the first non-internet based social network increasing true social interactions while preventing unwanted interference, Furthermore, the device’s capability of preventing interference has been tested for months by protests within Ukraine, proving the concept. Contacter’s developers devoted towards the project to the Ukrainian people during government protest during the late 2013 to 2014.

“Contacter now makes it possible to connect with friends confidentially and without relying on service providers, which also protects the user’s privacy,” said Valeriy Borovyk, CEO. “Privacy is an important issue right now, so we are excited to begin the Indiegogo campaign, which will allow us to put the Contacter into production.”

The wearable device creates a Zigbee-powered network that allows it to be used in both a personal and professional manner. Application for the Contacter include:

  • Political organizing / protests
  • Networking with users at a large tradeshow
  • Location-based marketing

In a similar fashion to traditional social networks, users can add information about themselves, including name, interest and requirements for potential contacts. To ensure privacy, the data that’s entered into Contracter can be choose whether its visible towards all users, only those accepted into contacts, or invisible to all users. Based on preferences, once can search and select people or businesses and send messages to make initial contact.

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Behind the Team.

The First Contact team consists of up to several creative people from various technical and commercial backgrounds. CEO Valeriy Borovyk is also the Chairman for the Alliance “New Energy of Ukraine”, with a background within alternative energy, aerospace and IT. A former enterprise development consultant of the Irish government, Declan Gordon Carroll, has helped implement more than 300 startups .Dmitry Novikov, designer and winner of the first prize of “high-speed train of the future” of Bombardier Transportation; Oles Sanin, Ukrainian film director, whose film “Mamay” was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film in 2003; 16-year-old Ukrainian studentEugene Borovyk, an official partner of Google, which created the Public with over 1.5 million views.

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