First Gaming Consoles Will Be Manufactured In China Before Xbox One


First Gaming Consoles Will Be Manufactured In China Before Xbox One

In the early 2000s, China announced a country wide ban on all gaming consoles. China believed that kids should not be influenced by video games and should not spend hours in front of a game. Recently, China removed the 14 year ban and decided to allow the sale of gaming console. This along with the Free Trade act in Shanghai will strengthen the worldwide economy. Xbox one will officially start appearing on the shelves of China in September 2014, but gaming company, The9 and ZTE is making a quick move. The two partnered up to manufacture a brand new gaming console before the xbox one hits the scene.

ZTE Console

ZTE partnered up with The9 , one of the biggest game developers in china, to create the ultimate ZTE console. Not a wholelot of information is given out about the console yet, but we do know that the console will have 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth, a Tegra 4 chip, and twin wi-fi antennas, and it can stream HD content from the internet and from USB devices connected to it.

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ZTE isn’t the only company going for gaming consoles in China. In addition to that the electronic giant Huawei is also releasing a console similar to the Nintendo Wii, called the Tron. It will only be a matter of time before more and more electronic companies start manufacturing gaming consoles. In China, businesses tend to adapt and move quick. It is their style to see who can beat the other one first.

gaming consoles in china

As of now, there isn’t a wholelot of information regarding the games that will be released. What we do now is that The9 will be creating a lot of their own custom games, and there is a big possibility that they will partner with gaming companies outside of China.

Gaming Consoles In China

Even though so many big companies are starting to get into the gaming console trend for China, we still do not know how the regular Chinese citizen will react to this. Will they actually buy a console? A computer is much cheaper and easier to use than a console. In China almost everyone ranging from age 11-25 years old plays video games on the computer daily. Most of them are saying that the consoles look “cool” but will not purchase it because a computer is better.

I predict that the beginning of the release might be slow, but it should pick up overtime. Consoles have been available in Hong Kong for a long time, but we haven’t notice a lot of popularity. It’s going to be tough, but China does have a huge gaming market. We see kids going crazy on video games in China with nights without sleep. It will be interesting to see how far these gaming consoles can get in China.

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