Fiverr Brings its $5 Gigs to Android Devices With An All New App.


Fiverr Brings its $5 Gigs to Android Devices With An All New App.

Fiverr has just recently launched an Android version for their application, after only existing for the iOS for quite some time. For the unaware, Fiverr is one of the world’s largest marketplace for services. its an amazing site that will allow search or post up a tons of gigs for a measly $5. With this new Android App, users can have access to over 3 million gigs with just some swipes.

New Look.

Fiverr App has received its own look to differentiate it from the iOS counterpart. The application is its own thing and it will definitely attract many people. Some of the features that has been hyped up by Fiverr are the direct and instant access to sellers with user-generated feedback and quality ratings, a whole new redesigned user interface with simple marketplace navigation, and a push notifications for message and updates allowing a faster and much simpler way to communicate on the go to fully manage one’s business.

The Gig.

Every gig placed on Fiverr begin with $5 and top-rated seller can offer up to $8,00 for just a single order. Buyers will now be able to collaborate directly with sellers on more large scaled projects and order services while moving around. Some of these service also include translation, copywriting, editing, logo design, animation, videography, and plenty more.

“Fiverr for Android opens the service to a new segment of users who are on mobile”, stated Fiverr CEO and Co-Founder Micha Kaufman. “This year we are projecting 40% of our traffic will come from mobile. That’s why we’re so committed to investing resources to ensure we give our customers the best experience across all of their devices.”

This new Fiverr application is currently available on the Google Play Store and can be grabbed for free. This is something I recommend for everyone to check out, even if you’ve never used Fiverr before, the service is simple amazing and the app is appealing to look eye.



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