Flipagram Reaches The Number One Downloadable Photo App.


Flipagram Reaches The Number One Downloadable Photo App.

A Brand new Photo application has taken up the iTunes store by the storm by surpassing popular app such as Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat as the number one downloaded app. Flipgram has introduced itself as another competitor in an overcrowded field of photo and video sharing applications.

This application allows users to choose up to multiple photos from their phone and create slideshow’s. What makes this feature extra special is instead of posting single captured pictures, the users can use Flipagram to tell a stories with a mini-movie of sorts.

All sorts of various photos can be turned into a single Flipagram. from family vacations to friendly outgoings. Also another worthy feature to note is the ability to add music to your slideshow’s, which can be chosen from your phone or from the application itself. The music can be bought from a Flipagram link provided by the app.

Flipagram has been popularized by a variety of people, including celebrities like Britney spear, who recently used the applications to promote the establishment of her Las Vegas Show. Another note worth name would be rapper Macklemore.

Unfortunately, Flipagram doesn’t have a social network at the current time, But the company is currently working on one and hoping to have it up and running soon. Flipagram can still be used to post on Facebook and Instagram, so no need to fret too much.

The App is currently free and can be downloaded at your nearest iTunes store. Before, they had been charge 99 cents for the software, but had decided to give it up for the mean time.

The Flipagram wish to use this opportunity to gather more people on their app and hope to improve on the application with the communities help.

“If we do that well and continue this type of growth, I think there are manifold ways of making money,” Farhad Mohit, CEO of Flipagram,



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