FlipCard Lets Professionals Easily and Quickly Exchange Virtual Business Cards.


FlipCard Lets Professionals Easily and Quickly Exchange Virtual Business Cards.

Professionals who are fed up with so-called tools that fail to manage their growing volume of business cards – such as bulky rolodexes and time consuming scanners — can now head to the App Store, and finally download the last contact manager solution they’ll ever need: FlipCard.


Developed by FlipCard Inc. and offered at no-cost, FlipCard lets professionals easily and quickly exchange virtual business cards via email, text or the app’s cloud-based network.What’s more, unlike static business cards that often contain outdated contact information in today’s fast-moving job market, FlipCard automatically pushes updates to a professional’s network whenever their data changes.

Other special features that will make professionals wonder how they survived before FlipCard include:

  • Photo thumbnails of each contact next to their information, which is ideal for warmly and personally greeting individuals by name at conferences, workshops, and so on
  • Real-time in-app messaging functionality to chat with contacts anytime, anywhere – whether to say hello, schedule a meeting, pass on some good news, or anything else
  • Hyperlinks for quickly connecting with contacts via phone or email
  • The option to “flip” a business card over and take private notes
  • A simple, clean and clutter-free interface designed for professionals
  • Secure contact storage to prevent unauthorized access and ensure privacy

“The business card market is ripe for disruption, and we’ve taken a new approach by combining the value of mobile real-time chat with the everyday exchange of business cards,” commented Jesse Molina of FlipCard Inc. “As a result, we’ve created value far beyond the traditional exchange of contact information by essentially creating the world’s first business card that talks.”

FlipCard, the new no-cost app that revolutionizes contact management with automatic push updates, real-time chat, note taking, contact hyperlinks and more, is available now in the App Store athttps://itunes.apple.com/app/flipcard-messenger-business/id791467777.

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