Football Application by Barmaja Labs Attains Success.


Football Application by Barmaja Labs.

An Entrepreneur by name of Nawaf Al Ghamdi had a brilliant idea for a mobile app that will primarily concentrate on football during Riyadh Startup Weekend last year, the idea was an instant hit with everyone and gained traction, winning the lead and grand prize for the competition.

It’s not that much of a shock when it comes to Saudi Arabia, know for its fanatic love for football and its high percentage of mobile phone usage. The potential for this application can be a huge boon to Ghamdi, so much that it has attracted people, mostly college students, on joining him to exploit the economical product by launching a startup named Barmaja Lab.

Immediately after its establishment, Wahed Sefer, A social media network for football fans on mobile devices where discussions and predictions can be made for matches, with information constantly updating while a match is in progress with added commentary, personal analysis and various opinions after the game ends.

The application is available for various mobile platforms such as Apple iOS, Android Google Play store, and Mircrosoft Window Phones. The application also has a rewording system, where points are given out to those who manage to predict the up coming matches correct.

Individuals who have earned a large amount of points will appear on the app’s leaderboard, and can be followed by other users who wish to follow up on their prediction skills as well as interaction with them, It also includes not only the local Saudi Arabia leagues, but various others as well, such as the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A and the European Champions League.

Establishing the application on various platforms was quite a difficulty for the newly created startup, but thanks to Barmaja Lab’s lead Android developer Abdullah Alkhaibari mentioned  they have successfully reached their goal in a short time because of the diverse skills of various members in their team. While one member of the team is based in the country’s Eastern Province and another one lives on the west coast, the rest of the team is located in the capital Riyadh, including one woman who works as a business analyst.

After only being out for one year, Bramaja Labs has announced that the application has been downloaded more than 30,000 times and users have made over 140,000 predictions, making it the most used function in the app.

With the help provided by Wahed Sefer funding, and the increasing amount of downloads that has reached over 36% over the past couple of months, the startup wished to look into possible ways to monetize its application.

“The market is huge,” said marketing manager Ahmad Alerwi. “We don’t want to depend on ads that will affect user experience. We are looking into ways that would benefit users and add value.”

The World Cup will soon be making an appearance in Brazil and Bramaja Labs is preparing its team to make the application ready for the grand competition.They have stopped working on side projects and are currently focusing their efforts into improving Wahed Sefer.

“So far there is nothing locally to cover this event,” Mr. Alerwi said. That’s why they want to provide “not just an information and statistics-based app, but something with engagement where people can interact with each other.


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