Former GitHub Employee Accuses Company of Rampant Sexism.


Former GitHub Employee Accuses Company of Rampant Sexism

GitHub is going through investigation allegation inappropriate behavior and sexism toward the female employees after one of their programmers quit and went public on Twitter about these problems.

Software engineer Julie Horvath left the startup company during the previous week, talking about her unpleasant time working at Github. Horvath used her Twitter profile to allege she had been “harassed by the leadership” of GitHub for two years.”



The programmer had talked about her about her string of strange run-ins with a currently unknown co-founder of Github along with his wife, with TechCrunch. She claimed to have been harassed by by one of her male colleagues who had allegedly stolen one of her code from a project after she turned down his romantic advances.

While those act may have been the many factors to make her leave, the final nail to the coffin was one of her female co-workers , hula-hooping in the office while music played and the male staff of GitHub reported ogled them “like something out of a strip club”.

Chief executive and co-founder of GitHub Chris Wanstrath has come forth and said a “full investigation” has been launched, Additionally the “relevant founder” and the GitHub engineer that Horvath had accused of harassing her has been currently been placed in leave.

GitHub is a six-year-old startup company funded by ventures and with up to 10 million code repositories. The company has managed to raise a $100M in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz.


Horvath had finally decided to leave GitHub after two years of working their. Following her resignation, she went onto Twitter and told a large target audience of her regret of not leaving sooner or being fired sooner.

“What I endured as an employee of GitHub was unacceptable and went unnoticed by most,” she said.

“Don’t stand for aggressive behavior that’s disguised as ‘professional feedback’ and demand that harassment isn’t tolerated,” she told others on Twitter.


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