FotoIN Teams Up With Trevelino/Keller to Launch Their APP.


FotoIN Teams Up With Trevelino/Keller to Launch Their APP.

A leading provider of a mobile and cloud based solution for photo documentation and filing, FotoIn Mobile Corporation, has recently announced a partnership with Trevelino/Keller as its public relation agency of choice. Trevelino/Keller is uniquely positioned to partner with FotoIn due to the agency’s understand within the startup’s core vertical markets and the agency’s experience in bringing companies and startups o the market.


Under the leadership of Sly Barisic, FotoIn offers a unique approach into the documentation of field conditions. FotoIn is a mobile application that captures, tags and annotates photos for use across the mobile and desktop devices, integrating with all major cloud storage providers. These features path a way for the creation of easily auto mated or customized reports within the applications. FotoIN’s web portal offer quick and seamless management for users photo archives and reports, making it a song to be mainstay for the construction, real estate and insurance industries.

“Trevelino/Keller has a background in propelling startup companies to success, as well as a great deal of experience in proficiently and accurately relaying the importance of technical software-as-a-service products and companies,” states Sly Barisic, FotoIN CEO and founder. “With Trevelino/Keller working closely with FotoIN’s driven and dedicated team, we are confident that we will grow exponentially, becoming the go-to app for those working in the field.”


Having been recognized as one of the rapidly growing firms based within the United States, Travelino/Keller is often sought after by companies in need of a strategic partner that cut across public relations marketing.

“FotoIN and its technology has the potential to redefine business processes in a number of industries, namely construction, real estate and insurance. McGraw Hill Construction estimates a 22 percent construction growth rate this year in the Southeast, enforcing the notion that these industries should be primed to embrace any technologywhich increases efficiency,” says Genna Keller, principal, Trevelino/Keller.

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