Fotopigeon, An Inmate Photo-Sharing Service, Re-Launches.


Fotopigeon, An Inmate Photo-Sharing Service, Re-Launches.

Fotopigeon, a cost effective photo-sharing service, has re-launched its system with new, distinctive features, creating an improved and effortless navigation experience for customers. The Las Vegas-based company keeps families connected through its seamless and affordable photo printing and delivery process.

New Feats.

The new system, which is more mobile-friendly, now allows users to send pictures through a number of social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. In addition, the process to create an account is more streamlined and efficient which includes fewer steps and allows customers the ability to send pictures soon after registering.

“Over the past year, we’ve been communicating with our customer to address their specific needs,” says Fotopigeon Founder, Frederick Hutson. “This facelift is a result of open dialogue over several months as we continue to make the entire process convenient and easy for users. We’re pleased with the new system and know customers will be as well.”


A core component of Fotopigeon’s social mission is to allow inmates to stay in touch with family and loved ones, which reduces the chance of re-offending. One of the company’s foremost changes includes the ability to send a certain number of free photos every week. To date, Fotopigeon is currently the only company that offers this feature.

Producing and shipping high-quality prints at just 50 cents per photo around the country, Fotopigeon’s system offers users a one-click check out and ensures the proper mailing label is in place. In addition, Fotogpigeon has a robust inmate-locator tool used to quickly locate an inmate recipient in Federal, State and Juvenile institutions in the United States.

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