Fountain of Apps Releases Yip Yawp a ‘Teens Only’ Mobile App.


Fountain of Apps Releases Yip Yawp a ‘Teens Only’ Mobile App.

Fountain of Apps Inc, has recently announce the release of their new Yip Yawp mobile application for iOS and Android users.

Named “Yip Yawp-Just for Teens” The application combines the freedom and safety of a profile-free, anonymous social experience with the usefulness of verified discount on the fashion brands brands many teens tend to love. Yip Yawp provides teens an alterncative way for them to interact with more than 150 top brands, such as Adidas, Ralph Lauren and Sophore, while enjoying the anonymity teens seeks on social media.

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According to analyst estimates, millions of teens have left Facebook in search of new social destinations where they can interact with people their own age and be themselves. Yip Yawp delivers a safe and useful mobile experience where teens can relax, get answers to their most burning questions, and find products they really want.

“Yip Yawp is changing the way people view anonymous apps,” says Jess Cahill, co-founder at Fountain of Apps, Inc. “Yip Yawp transforms the anonymous social experience from dark and dangerous to safe, useful, and fun for teens.”

Yip Yawp also provides an answer to the monetization questions that surround anonymous applications. Yip Yawp’s innovative branding category, called Luv-a-Brand, lets teens select which fashion brands they want to pursue. As a result, both brands and Yip Yawp users benefit from exposure to each other in an entertaining setting.

Fountain of Apps develops innovative mobile apps that change the way people interact. Our Flagship application, Yip Yawp, quickly grew an audience of thousands of users in its first two months. Seeing first-hand how teens were leveraging the application, we shifted its focus to the teen community to provide a private, safe and useful place they can call their own.

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