France’s Top Consumer Group Sues Google, Facebook and Twitter.


France’s Top Consumer Group Sues Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Top French consumer watchdog has recently filed a court case with the French High Court on Tuesday against Internet giants Google, Facebook and Twitter, accusing them of breaking the privacy of other Internet users, with the most recent clampdown against data collection procedures.

Taking Action.

In a released statement, the French Federal Union of Consumers, UFC-Que Choisir, said that they would be taking Google, Facebook, and Twitter to court for owing to their denial in changing their social platform’s terms and conditions. The consumer group has stated that the had to ask the social platform multiple times to change their terms ever since June 2013.

The UFC-Que Choisir is a group that advises users on facilities, products and rights. The group mentions that they had informed the companies the previous summer that legal action would be taken if they dd not address the concerns over the condition of data-collection and usage practices. Although,“the social platforms are maintaining clauses stubbornly that the group considers it illegal or abusive,” the group was reported as saying.

Nicolas Godsroy, the senior legal aide of UFC-Que Choisir, had told the social media sites that they would need to change their contracts in accordance with the French law.

The group has asked France to Force Google,Facebook and Google to either change or delete controversial sections, and to start an online confidentiality debate on the same level of the European Union. No replies have been received from either Google,Facebook and Twitter, when contacted.

Protection Efforts.

UFC-Que Choisir said that the latest effort of the European Union is to launch a legal structure to secure the data of the consumers and these will be the first steps into the right directions. Godsroy went on to say that the EU should continue to march in advance, so that big companies cannot use the data of the consumers without the permission and knowledge of said consumer.

Google has previously under attack for the concerns on data protection during this year in France. Previously in January, the social platform had been asked to pay a fine of $207,000 by French Commission for IT and Liberties.

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