Frontback Launches On Android With Two-Sided Selfies.


Frontback Launches On Android With Two-Sided Selfies.

The selfie application known as Frontback has recently decided to release a two-sided photo feature on Wednesday, with the goal in mind of attracting new users for its application on the Android.


Launched during the previous summer for the iPhone, Front back is an application for snapping a picture, first with the use of the smartphone’s front camera, followed by their back camera. The finalized product, which will be able to shared on all sorts of social networking sites, is a split image with two perspectives. Though simple in use, the application has recently surpassed 1 million downloads with users viewing more than 17 million photos during March alone. the company had disclosed this information with their latest update on Wednesday.

Frontback for Android available from the Google Play store, comes with the same features that are also with the iOS application version, which include the primary feed of images from friends. a discovering section to explore currently trending photos, user profile, a self-timer and notifications. The application will also be including an Android-only feature called offline mode that will allow for the use of double-camera captures when users are without Internet connection.


San Francisco-based Fronback has over eight people working with the company and ran by founder and CEO Frederic Della Faille, Della Faille had originally thought up of creating a social photo app of a different kind but happened to end up creating Frontback after his other venture went on to become a total let down.

Frontbach has managed to raise over $3,2 million in financial funding from SV Angel, CrunchFund, Index Ventures, Lerer Ventures and several angel investors. The company, which has become focuses on the community and creative aspects for its application, has been rumored to have rejected a buyout offer from Twitter during the fall season of 2013, prior to Twitter’s public offering. While its hard to say if this was a wise decision or not, with more than half of its users having come in the past eight weeks, Frontback has continued to prove itself as something more than just a passing trend.

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