FunWave Brings In The Goal With A FootBall Social Game On FaceBook.


FunWave Brings In The Goal With A FootBall Social Game On FaceBook. 

The social gaming startup company by the name of Funwave has recently had its company developers targeting the users of Facebook with their latest game. The most recent successful title created by this company is called Batal Al Dawry, a digital football, or soccer,managing social game. The game was originally aimed towards all of the football fans in the Middle East, allowing them to play as the manager of a digital football team, and competing against all sorts of people, whether they be friends or other Facebook Users.

“We believe that social gaming is the future of electronic games. Game genres no longer matter; what really matters is that the game is social, which makes it capable of viral spread, with minimal advertising spend,” says Yehia Sabry, the CEO and founder of Funwave.

Sabry’s Beginning.

Sabry found the company sometime back in September 2011 and based it in Alexandria. Assembling a team of over nine people, and applying for funding from the Alexandria based startup incubator known as Tahrir2. With this all coming together smoothly, they managed to release Batal Al Dawry, one of their first produced works back in May 2012.

The Hyped Up Launch.

During its firsts launch the game had managed to attract over 500,000 monthly active users on Facebook during its two months during the pilot run and 600,000 registered users. Now more the one million registered users are still playing the Batal Al Dawry game online. The game makes revenue from selling virtual items that increase the chance of winning for the players.

“I faced many challenges along the way, but my biggest challenge has to be finding talented team members, because of the limited experience in the field of game development in Egypt,” says Sabry. “To succeed, I had to hire experienced developers, programmers, designers, and marketers,” he adds. Sabry praises his team saying, “We have a very talented team that’s capable of writing the Funwave success story.”


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