Garret Camps Successfully Raises $50 Million Investment Fund For Expa.


Garret Camps Successfully Raises $50 Million Investment Fund For Expa.

Recently Expa has managed to announce that it has successfully raised its very first amount of $50 million in funding from some very importantly named investors. Garret Camp, The founder of Expa and other highly notable companies such as StumbleUpon and Uber, will be placing the funding directly towards the design and development of new startup companies.

The Goal of Expa.

Expa was first created as a startup studio and has gone into developing new products, systems, and services before forming them into scales of Independent entities. Originally, Expa has planned to start focusing on active companies involved with mobile applications, platforms, and marketplace sectors, which will be lead by Camp’s 10 years of company development expertise.

Expa Capital, the investment arm of Expa, will follow in with providing seed funding for each company created by Expa to a total amount of $500,000 to $1 million of capital. Although instead of providing serves for companies to fain viable traction, Expa will be actively guiding the founder of the company from the start of their idea towards the end of unleashing their products towards the market.

Fellow Investors.

With Garret Camp himself as an investor, he was also join by a group of highly notable dealers in the tech startup scene to bring his idea to life. TPG founder David bonderman, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, Li Ka-Shing & Solina Chau, Serpa Ventures, SV Angel, Google board member Ram Shriram, First Round Capital, Chairman Kees Koolen, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Undercurrent founder Josh Spears, HP CEO Meg Whitman, Behance founder Scott Belsky, and author Tim Ferriss are all on board with Expa.


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