Getty Allows Free Access To 35 Million Images.


Getty Allows Free Access To 35 Million Images.

The famous stock image provider know as Getty Images has officially made it legal to use its images for free. Of course to use the free images, they must first use the new Getty images embed feature to be able to upload the image on to a website or Twitter account.

Inner Working and Benefits.

These features a the same as other embed feature that can be found on sites like Youtube and Flickr. For the moment, Getty Images embed feature has been designed specifically for sites like WordPress, Twitter, and eve Tumblr. and will generate the appropriate HTML code for the platform in mind.

With this announcement, Getty Images will be making its total of 35 million images open for the public to be used in non-commercial use. Of course this doesn’t mean any site that makes money cannot use these images as well.

“We would not consider this commercial use,” Craig Peters, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Content and Marketing at Getty Images, told the British Journal of Photography. “The fact today that a website is generating revenue would not limit the use of the embed. What would limit that use is if they used our imagery to promote a service, a product or their business. They would need to get a license.”

Any embedded Getty Images used will not have a watermark, but instead will be linked to the Getty Image website, and will show the photographer who took the image. This creates a win-win situation that will most likely benefit users, Getty Images, and the photographer themselves.

Behind the Decision.

Getty Images have commented that this system is for ‘leading the way in creating a more visual world’. The new embed feature will make everything easy, free and legal for anyone to share the images on their blogs, site and social media network.

The company made this recent decision due to management believing that many photographs owned by Getty Images where already being used on the internet without permission and has already made its way on public domain.


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