Getty Images Terminates It’s Six Year Partnership With Flickr.


Getty Images Terminates It’s Six Year Partnership With Flickr.

The Image library known as Getty is popping back up in the headlands. Only a few days after it announcement of making its 35 million pictures free for everyone to use for either editorial and personal use, has revealed today that it will finally be ending its six-year partnership with Flickr. Getty organized a selected collection and a  “best of” images from the photo sharing site and handled licensing duties, which allowed any Flickr member to earn some money from their shots.

According to sources from Amateur Photographer, users of Flickr who were a part of the exclusive Getty group received an email that explained this termination in partnership, and it will continue to licence the 30,000 images already a part of the collection.

Getty states in the email that it has “provided notice to terminate [its]existing agreement with Flickr”.

No Negative Impact.

The email continues on to stress out that this would not have an impact on their existing contracts with contributors. this agreement idea was to allow Getty to gain some of the amazing talent that where a part of Flickr’s users and provide them with an opportunity in becoming member of Getty images photographers.

The images that currently make up the “Flickr Collection” on Getty is going to be rebranded with a new collection named “Moment”. This collection will be relying on submission to be made and have to go trough a more regular stock image library assessment processing. A mobile application is also currently in the process of creation, and it will allow people to view collections.


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