Giant Pixel Corporation Launches Studio For Tech Company Creation.


Giant Pixel Corporation Launches Studio For Tech Company Creation.

Uniting New entrepreneurs around a platform of operating experience and shared technological resources, The Giant Pixel Corporation has recently announced the opening of a startup studio fashioned to launch a global changing companies. Modeled upon the mass collection of experience and success of various builders of three billion-dollar companies. Giant Pixel is already at work in creating a portfolio of mobile startups, aiming for opportunities in large transitional markets.

Skilled Success.

With its recent traction of recognition for individual success in startups, co-founders and general partners of Alan Braverman, Elliot Lohand John Cwikla have designed Giant Pixel to contain every single skill they have obtained while designed and creating some of Silicon Valley’s better known products and companies.

“We’re really excited to open the doors of The Giant Pixel Corporation,” noted co-founder Alan Braverman. “We’re doing the same thing we did with our previous startups – connecting people – but our model is designed to create multiple startups in parallel. We’re taking advantage of accelerating trends in the economics and development of startups.”

Distilling previous lessons from their various success was the first step taken with Giant Pixel.

 “We’ve taken a hard look at everything from work environments to evaluating markets to scaling a technology toolkit, all towards rapid experiments with product and business ideas,” shared co-founder Elliot Loh. “Everything we try goes back into the platform, to be shared with all projects. This leaves more runway for creativity in product innovation, finding market fit, and measuring progress. We think this is the best way for a startup to go through the seed stage.”

Co-founder John Cwikla is quick to emphasize the human factor as well.

“We’re not just building the products. We recruit extremely talented individuals from our deep professional networks, and then we train them to be the next generation of founders. So, our structure is different from most companies: we love our team, but they know that the whole goal is to kick them out into the world, prepared to take their new company on to huge success.”

During the next upcoming months, Giant Pixel will start to reinvent its product categories with initial releases from its portfolio. As new emerging products from Giant Pixel studio , they will have the own brands and characters that will be necessary for their kind of market. Although each will silently be nurtured within Giant Pixels platform until its prepared to be launched off on its own. Co-founder Alan Braverman brings back his own personal brand of goals as a builder:

:”Years from now, I would love to be able to point to many successful companies and founders out there, each tracing their start to Giant Pixel.”

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