GigeNET Takes Cloud Hosting To A New Level of High-Speed Turbo IO SAN


GigeNET Takes Cloud Hosting To A New Level of High-Speed Turbo IO SAN

GigeNET continues to march on towards its innovative ways with its most latest generation of SAN technology. A leader in managed hosting DDoS Protection, Gigenet is based within Chicago where it currently owns and operates a start of the art, 17,000 square  data center.


A storage area network (SAN) is a high-performance network that offers many benefits including advanced caching for ultra-high read and write speeds and superior reliability. This technology intelligently prioritizes data based on frequency of use and places this data on ultra-high -speed, RAM based, SSD technology for superior performance.

Unlike other cloud providers who use SATA drives, the GigeNET Cloud solution uses high-speed SAS drives.
SAS hard drives are nearly 3X faster than SATA drives. The average seek time on an SAS drive is only 3.5 milliseconds versus the 9.5 millisecond seek time of a SATA drive. Moreover, SAS drives offer greater reliability with lower bit error rates (BER). BER is a measure of read error rates for disk drives. SAS drives are 10X more reliable for read errors than SATA drives.


The latest iteration of GigeNET’s Cloud solution has undergone extensive testing, which included unplugging disk shelves, pulling power on control units, and switching off switches. It never missed a beat.

“Today’s on-demand world requires speed, reliability, and flexibility,” said Ameen Pishdadi, president and CTO of GigeNET. “Our mission is to provide customers with the tools and support they need to offload their IT requirements so that they can focus on growing their business and boosting their bottom line. Our SAN platform delivers just that at affordable prices.”

GigeNET Cloud customers have the ability to manage many aspects of their hosting environment through an intuitive control panel. Customers can add bandwidth, create or remove virtual machines (VMs), and upgrade storage and memory. Its team of dedicated software engineers are continuously adding new tools and features to enable customers to easily and efficiently manage their servers.

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