Gild Acquires A Video Interviewing Technology Known As Distill.


Gild Acquires A Video Interviewing Technology Known As Distill.

The company that paves the way for companies to find and evaluate technical talent, also known as Gild, has recently acquired Distill and its products to help employers instantly and easily schedule, interview and connect with potential candidates. By combining Gild’s flagship product source, customers will now be able to simply discover the software engineers who will fit the criteria for their needs, screens them, and interviews candidates from a single integrated platform.

The terms behind this deal have not been announced at the time being. The Distill team of engineers were earlier acquired in a acqui-hire by Yahoo!. Gild has also managed to gain the IP and technology, as well as service existing customers along with bring in new customers.

“We have long said the hiring process is broken,” said Sheeroy Desai, Co-founder and CEO, Gild. “Gild Source was a giant step forward in terms of identifying the best possible developers for a position based on skill, but it’s still the first step in a complex process. The current process to schedule and conduct an initial screening interview is manual, expensive and an awful experience for the candidate and the interviewer. The acquisition of Distill will allow us to automate all of this and provide a seamless and delightful experience for both the candidate and the interviewer.”

Addressing Challenges.

Distill’s technology has addressed two common challenges when it comes to creating a truly combine effort when it comes to recruiting and hiring process,specifically scheduling and interviewing.

  • Scheduling interviews is time-consuming and expensive. Distill’s intelligent scheduling technology makes it easy to schedule interviewers with candidates by automatically searching for mutual times in online calendars. The technology works with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Distill’s collaborative video interviewing technology integrates seamlessly with the scheduling module so both the candidate and interviewer can connect online with one click. The platform allows both parties to further interact with a shared text editor, a co-browsing capability and the ability to share files. The entire experience is browser-based so users don’t have to download any software or plug-ins.

“We currently use Gild to help us identify the best developer talent in the industry,” said Austin Cooke, Vice President of Human Resources and Global Talent Acquisition for Vistaprint. “With the acquisition of Distill’s interview scheduling and video interviewing technologies, I can now envision Gild really helping their customers reduce costs, save time, enhance their candidate experience and continue to improve their quality of hires.”

“Gild’s team of technologists and scientists is focused on using proprietary technology to solve a real problem: how to discover great talent and create an intelligent, collaborative hiring environment across the hiring process, from candidates to recruiters to hiring managers,” said Luca Bonmassar, Gild’s Co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer. “We feel Distill solves a real problem, and are excited to bring their advanced technology to our customers.”

Gild Source.

Gild’s main product, Gild Source, is powered by copyrighted technology that searches the web for information on developers. which include their public code and contribution made on the developers forums, and then utilizes patent-pending algorithms to gather the skills of million of developer it tracks down. This allows companies to move past the hassle in today’s recruiting arenas and hire based on accomplishments alone, searching for developers who have proven, verified skills, regardless of SEO resume keywords or social connections.

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