Global Cold Chain Alliance Streamlines Comprehensive Industry.


Global Cold Chain Alliance Streamlines Comprehensive Industry.

Dynamic Benchmarking, a provider of customized online benchmarking and reporting solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new, online benchmarking tool for a core partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW). The comprehensive benchmarking study will measure and compare over 400 different metrics for the association’s 375 public refrigerated warehouse members.


GCCA represents the interests of the entire cold chain industry by uniting partnerships in the temperature-controlled products industry. Since 1998, GCCA has conducted a comprehensive industry benchmarking study of public refrigerated warehouses measuring and comparing key performance indicators in the areas of finance, operations, compensation and benefits for IARW.

“Prior to Dynamic Benchmarking, this process was long and tedious for all involved,” comments GCCA Manager of Knowledge and Publications, Bsrat Mezghebe. “Excel spreadsheets would be sent to members to populate with data which would then be aggregated and analyze manually by a third-party accounting firm.”

Months later, a summary report of the study’s findings would be issued to members. While the report was comprehensive, it didn’t necessarily allow for analysis relevant to the specific needs of each member.

The Dynamic Benchmarking platform allows members to enter their data using a secure, online portal. All data is aggregated in real time and, using customizable filters, members can generate reports based on specific metrics meaningful to their unique operations.

“We will still release a summary snapshot report of the industry later this year, but the Dynamic Benchmarking tool allows our members to create the kinds of reports most valuable to them whenever they want with the data being continually refreshed with each new entry,” continues Mezghebe.

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