Gmail Has Become The First Android App To Gain over 1 Billion Downloads.


Gmail Has Become The First Android App To Gain over 1 Billion Downloads.

Gmail has had the pleasure of being known as the largest web-based email service around the world, for the past two years. As of recently, its been reported on how just ahead it has been from the competition as its Android application has managed to reach over one billion download milestone for the Google Play Store.


According to various sources, the applications download tally counts the total amount of numbers of unique accounts, not the number of downloads and device that are utilizing the application. Although, that doesn’t mean that there are currently a billion active Gmail users. The number probably includes some abandoned and duplicated accounts as well.

The most recent number for Gmail’s monthly active user was totaled at 425 million. With that only being in 2012, just as Android was making its move into iOS with the Galaxy S3 and Jelly Bean. As of now, the figure definitely much higher because Gmail usually arrives as a bundle with Android phones. To understand the idea on how much of a boost this can be, first quarter figures from canalys have show that 81 percent of the 279.4 million smartphones sold globally were of the Android kind.


Its currently not clear on when the application managed to reach the one billion to five billion install range, but its been said to have occurred on May 6. There are quite a few numbers of applications that are also about to reach the one billion download mark. Most of them come from Google. Some of the applications within the 500 million to one billion install range have included Google Search, Facebook and Google Maps.

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