GoFund Rocket is a Service That Helps Crowdfunders On Indiegogo.


GoFund Rocket is a Service That Helps Crowdfunders On Indiegogo.

GoFund Rocket, a service dedicated to helping Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns achieve more publicity, recently announced its launch. The website, which employs a team of experienced online marketers, specializes in GoGo Factor and Social Media Boosts, Blog Promotion, Expert Campaign Consultations, and Indiegogo Campaign Page Optimization.


According to GoFund Rocket’s website, the company is the only service of its kind. All of the company’s resources are designed to help boost page rankings and every client’s ability to be featured by Indiegogo. Each service is intended to attract the best audience to each campaign. For example, GoFund Rocket’s Social Media Boost & Feature offering improves campaigns by spreading them across social media channels and featuring them in social media posts, while its expert campaign consulting allows customers to discuss the best online strategies and marketing tactics with Indiegogo experts.

At this time, GoFund Rocket has three main types of packages for its clients—all of which can be purchased for one-time fees. The Final Push package, which is available for $78, boosts a campaign’s GoGo factor and increases traffic and referrals. However, upgrading to the GoGo Extra Boost package, which can be acquired for $125—includes the aforementioned services as well as social media reach and an Indiegogo page analysis. Additionally, the company’s ultimate—and most popular—package, the Full Boost, is available for just $289. With this bundle, customers can receive all of the company’s best services, including extra perks such as campaign optimization, strategy phone calls, priority status, and extended boost for best results.


To begin their campaign improvement journey, clients can email or call a product specialist.

“GoFund Rocket has affordable packages that offer the convenience of a one-time fee and no-cost 24-hour rush processing,” noted an article available on the company’s website. “All of our GoFund Rocket packages are guaranteed to significantly boost your Indiegogo campaign’s GoGo factor. The higher your GoGoFactor score, the more promotion you get from the Indiegogo platform, and the higher your chances are at earning the coveted Indiegogo effect to get funded.”

Individuals interested in learning more about GoFund Rocket and its range of Indiegogo campaign services can visit the company’s website for additional information. Visitors can also subscribe to GoFund Rocket’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for the latest updates on new services and solutions.

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