Google Acquires Green Throttle Games, Rumored Set-Top Box True?


Google Acquires Green Throttle Games, Rumored Set-Top Box True?

Google has decided to make its move again by acquiring a six month old company by the name of Green Throttle Games, Accord to publications from PandoDaily who reported this firstly. This acquirement might be seen as a way for Google to try and improve upon their position in the living rooms of many, with their competitors like Apple and Amazon becoming even more aggressive in the market.

While Google has confirmed this recent acquisition, they have as of yet denied to divulge upon the price detail it has paid or what will they try to accomplish with the Green Throttle team and products. This recent acquisition may reaffirm rumors that have popped up in recent times of Google trying to set out their own set-top TV box in 2014, which will also focus on gaming.

The Build Up.

Green Throttle Games platform had three things going on for them. The Atlas Controller for gaming, along with their Green Throttle Arena application, which allowed one to house any compatible games and allowed the user to keep all digital content under one place. The last and final third part was a Android device that would stream the games.


Even so, Green Throttle had decided to remove its Android application sometime on November 2013, making the platform useless. Green Throttle didn’t really comment much about their reason on shutting it down in November. “We’ll keep you posted on the evolution of Green Throttle.” Seems the huge decision managed to land them on top of Google’s door step.

Recent Rumors.

The Wall Street Journal had cited some anonymous sources that briefly spoke about Google having a secretive and unreported prototype of a set-top box that reminiscent to Roku and Apple TV. Additionally, reports have been building up of Google being in recent talks with media companies about licensing content onto their internet TV service which aims to stream traditional Television programming over the internet.


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